Road Safety Improvements

As a part of our Road Safety Strategy, and in response to community concerns about safety at school pick up and drop off times, Council recently commissioned an independent safe system assessment of the Bellbrae Primary School precinct.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback. The survey has now closed.

View the proposed short term action plan

Some of the proposed actions include:

  • Three raised platforms along School Road to support reduced speeds of through traffic and encourage traffic to remain on Great Ocean Road/ Anglesea Road rather than cutting through school road
  • Raised wombat crossing on School Road south of Cemetery Road/School Road intersection (this will not affect current arrangement with having a crossing supervisor in place during school times).
  • Replace existing school crossing with a raised wombat crossing (this will not affect current arrangement with having a crossing supervisor in place during school times).
  • Change in the angle of parking to 30 degrees opposite school and introduce two minute parking at school times to support greater turn over in these spaces during school times of operation.
  • Introduce a 40km/hr speed zone across the local township area of Bellbrae to encourage safe speeds and discourage traffic cutting through the neighbourhood as well as promote safety for pedestrians in areas with no pathways. This would include all roads within Bellbrae bounded by Anglesea Road in the west and Great Ocean Road in the south-east.

An independent safe system assessment was undertaken on the Bellbrae school precinct, to inform future road safety improvements.

Read the Safe System Assessment

The assessment made high level recommendations, including both short term and long term suggestions to improve safety.

The recommendations within the report have been made by a third party consultant and are currently in early development.

To determine which actions will be pursued in the longer term will require additional investigation and collaboration with other impacted and responsible parties such as Department of Transport and Planning, community, residents, school, CFA and Cemetery Trust.