About the Review

A Planning Scheme Review (PSR) is a ‘health check’ of the planning scheme in order to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the scheme in achieving the objectives of planning in Victoria.

We’ve undertaken a comprehensive review of the Surf Coast Planning Scheme and the findings indicate that the scheme is generally robust, and the council’s statutory planning processes are performing well.

The review has identified improvements to the planning scheme that can be implemented via a planning scheme amendment, further strategic work and advocacy opportunities. The key further strategic work recommendations include to:

  • Plan for and improve resilience to climate change and other environmental risks.
  • Finalise the Urban Futures Strategy to determine how growth will be accommodated in the municipality.
  • Subject to the outcomes of the Urban Futures Strategy undertake further strategic work in Winchelsea and Torquay, consistent with the Statement of Planning Policy (DAL).
  • Review and consider refinements to the planning controls for coastal townships from Anglesea to Lorne, to ensure the right balance between preserving significant landscapes, preferred character outcomes and managing bushfire risk.
  • Undertake infrastructure planning in response to planned growth.

RedInk Planning Consultants (now Schemology) have prepared a Planning Scheme Review Consultation Report, which was released to the community for consultation in November-December 2023.

Community engagement

Community engagement on the Planning Scheme Review was completed in December 2023. The engagement included three community 'drop-in' information sessions and an on-line survey. The engagement on the Planning Scheme Review was integrated with the Phase 1 engagement on the Urban Futures Strategy, and the reports were publicly released together to enable the community to view key documents simultaneously as the projects closely inter-relate with each other.

The Community Engagement Report provides details of key engagement activities undertaken and a summary of engagement findings for both projects.

Next steps

With the exhibition of the Planning Scheme Review (the consultation report) complete, changes will now be made to the report to reflect the feedback received. The final draft report will be reported to the June Council meeting for the Council’s consideration, along with a copy of changes that are proposed to be made to the planning scheme through a subsequent Planning Scheme Amendment later in 2024.

The purpose of the subsequent Planning Scheme Amendment is to implement the changes to the Surf Coast Planning Scheme recommended in the report. The Amendment will not, however, include items listed as Further Strategic Work as these will be undertaken as separate projects in the future (timing to be decided).

Find out more about the Urban Futures Strategy

For enquiries, contact the Strategic Planning Team directly at info@surfcoast.vic.gov.au or alternatively call 5261 0600.