About the Project

In recognition of the significant economic and social impacts that a lack of affordable housing was having on Surf Coast communities, Council included ‘improve access to affordable residential accommodation’ as a key strategy of its Council Plan 2021-2025.

The Affordable Accommodation Action Plan 2024 makes a commitment to explore the suitability of Council owned land for the development of social and affordable housing.

2 Fraser Drive, Aireys Inlet was identified as a suitable site for exploration.

Two phases of community engagement including a community co-design have considered the potential of the site to accommodate additional social and affordable housing dwellings in a way that:

  • Complies with the planning provisions and enhances the social, environmental and heritage values of the area
  • Contributes to the supply of social and affordable housing for local families and key workers and enhances neighbourhood liveability.

Project Update

Council convened a ‘Co-design Report Back’ session on Friday 22 March. The session provided the opportunity for Housing Choices Australia and project architects, Freadman White, to demonstrate how the recommendations of the Community Advisory Group had been incorporated into the concept design for additional social and affordable housing at 2 Fraser Drive.

Housing Choices Australia and Freadman White provided design approaches, principles and examples for each of the below headline recommendations:

  • Cluster built form to enhance open space opportunities
  • Dwellings to be designed to maximise solar access and avoid regimented masterplan layout
  • Utlise the existing site characteristics and landscape to manage overlooking.
  • Enhance the existing landscape and integrate into the landscape
  • High quality landscape design with particular consideration of dwelling interface and internal circulation paths throughout the site.
  • Highly considered public and private spaces and interfaces, facilitating community and social interaction whilst allowing for ownership of one’s space.
  • Designed entry sequence to enhance community experience of the space.

At the 28 May Council Meeting, Councillors endorsed the concept design. View the Council Meeting minutes.

Councillors also resolved to commence community engagement from 6 June to 4 July 2024 on a proposed intention to enter into a 50 year lease with Housing Choices Australia for land at 2 Fraser Drive, Aireys Inlet for an annual fee of $1. Community members were invited to submit their feedback on this matter.

Community Engagement

Phase one engagement

Broad engagement and workshop to identify design principles:

  1. Courage
    The project should (carefully) explore the opportunities afforded by increasing the density
  2. Beauty
    The project should ensure the building/s look beautiful – a place people want to live in and a chance to be ‘showcase’ development
  3. Quality
    The project should ensure a high quality and sustainable build – 7star+
  4. Function
    The project needs to be fit for purpose and fit in with the town and environment
  5. Inclusivity
    The process and build need to be inclusive, integrated and appropriate for the needs of residents.

Expression of Interest

Council ran an EOI process to identify a suitable Housing Provider to work on the Aireys Inlet Affordable Housing project with.

At its May 2023 Council Meeting, the Surf Coast Shire endorsed national not-for-profit housing provider,

Housing Choices Australia, to proceed to the Project’s co-design phase.

Co-design Process

A Community Advisory Group of eleven community members met over six sessions to refine the design principles that would guide their input into the co-design workshop and help them make recommendations on the building mass, interfaces, roads and parking, and landscaping.

Summaries of the Community Advisory Group’s discussion and deliberations are included in the Aireys Inlet Affordable Housing Project Phase Two Engagement Report

The tremendous and varied technical and lived experience expertise of Community Advisory Group members enabled a productive and insightful design-in workshop with Housing Choices Australia. The results of which can also be found in the Aireys Inlet Affordable Housing Project Phase Two Engagement Report.

Lease Agreement

Councillors also resolved at the 28 May Council Meeting to commence community engagement on a proposed intention to enter into a 50 year lease with Housing Choices Australia for land at 2 Fraser Drive, Aireys Inlet for an annual fee of $1.

In accordance with S115 of the Local Government Act 2020, Council’s Property Use Agreement Policy and Community Engagement Policy, Council called for submissions in regards to Council’s intention to enter into a lease with Housing Choices Australia. The exhibition period ran for 4 weeks and closed on Thursday 4 July 2024.

Any person who made a submission is entitled to present at a Hearing of Submissions. The date and time will be determined by Council in the near future.

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