July 2024 update

Thank you to all the Highlander Street residents that completed the survey we sent in May about road safety concerns.

16 residents responded and from the responses:

  • 32% of respondents had no road safety concerns on Highlander Street.
  • Other respondents listed volume of traffic, speed of vehicles and pedestrian safety as their main concern.
  • The most significant road safety issue was parking (46%), followed by traffic speed (23%), pedestrian safety (15%), then traffic levels and bicycle safety (7%).

Works planned

Flat top speed humps are being installed on Highlander Street to slow traffic. We asked you your thoughts about this method of slowing traffic:

  • 68% of respondents strongly supported or supported this.
  • 25% strongly opposed speed humps as a method of slowing traffic.

Taking into account feedback received during the survey, we have made the following changes to the planned works, shown in the attached plan:

  • Installing four speed humps (instead of the six proposed).
  • Painting yellow ‘no parking’ lines on the inside of the bend near Poppy Grove, and moving the centre line to allow parking on one side. A yellow ‘no parking’ line will also be painted on the bend near Empire Court. If cars or caravans park in this area once lines are painted, please notify us via surfcoast.vic.gov.au/request at any time, including weekends and after hours.

What's next

Council are preparing the final design plans. When these are complete a request for tender or tender based on price will be requested.

When the works schedule is complete we will update this page with expected construction timelines and any expected impacts during construction.

April 2024 update

We are making road safety improvements on Highlander Street, Torquay. The works follow on from a traffic study undertaken in 2021 in north Torquay recommending infrastructure changes are needed to safely accommodate future traffic in the area and support resident amenity.

We are installing flat top speed humps to slow traffic travelling along Highlander Street. The change is being made based on a number of factors:

  • Traffic on sections of Highlander Street has increased over 75% in the last 18 months. We expect traffic volumes to continue to increase now the intersection at Surf Coast Highway and Rosser Boulevard is open.
  • The changes will encourage safe speeds and safe driving behaviour along Highlander Street as traffic patterns change and evolve.
  • There has been an increase in the number of permanent residents in north Torquay and an increase of these residents using Highlander Street instead of other roads.

We are still finalising the program of works but once this is completed we will communciate the timeline and any impacts during construction.